Our regional partner, InterMed Sdn Bhd Malaysia has established itself as a major and dedicated supplier and exporter of Oleochemicals and specialty products derived from vegetable raw materials such as Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil and Coconut Oil.

InterMed’s house brand covers a wide range of Oleochemicals and specialty products which include Glycerine, Fatty Acids, Fatty Alcohols, Cosmetic and Technical Esters and many more.
From its comprehensive range of products, InterMed offers customers the flexibility to order in combined shipments ranging from loose cargo to full container load basis and bulk shipment.

InterMed offer top quality ingredients under their trade name IMEX for PersonalCare and Cosmetic Industries.

Fatty Esters  Specialty Esters РNEW
IMEX IPP 90 Isopropyl Palmitate IMEX COCO C8 Coco-Caprylate/Caprate
IMEX IPM 98 Isopropyl Myristate IMEX CCM Coco Glycerides
IMEX GMS 40SE Glyceryl Stearate IMEX CSL 21216 Cetyl Laurate/Stearate /Lauryl Palmitate
IMEX GTA Glyceryl Triacetate
Fatty Alcohols Ethoxylated Alcohols – NEW
IMEX FA FC1618 Cetearyl Alcohol IMEX EFA S-2 Steareth-2
IMEX FA FC16 98 Cetyl Alcohol IMEX EFA S-21 Steareth-21
IMEX FA FC18 98 Stearyl Alcohol IMEX EFA CS-12 Ceteareth-12
IMEX EFA CS-20 Ceteareth-20
IMEX EFA CS-25 Ceteareth-25