ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient – a secret personal trainer

Active ingredient obtained by biotechnology from a microorganism inhabiting Bermuda. ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient mimics the effect of endurance exercise training by increasing adiponectin release and enhancing mitochondrial activity. It improves body definition that can be further complemented with exercise.

Transparent solution containing 0.07% active ingredient.

Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Plankton Extract.
Preservative free.

ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient improves body tone and redefines the silhouette by reducing abdomen and thigh contour, arm sagginess, and decreasing body weight. It mimics the effect of endurance training with great results that are increased when combined with physical activity.

ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient can be incorporated into daily cosmetic formulations for body care to provide a more toned and redefined silhouette.