EYEDELINE™ marine ingredient, an impressive look in one touch

Targets the three key concerns of the eye area: eyebags, dark circles and wrinkles for a complete eye care.

Biotechnologically-obtained,EYEDELINE™ marine ingredient diminishes all the signs of tiredness and aging in the eye contour. By reducing fluid extravasation, it can ameliorate the appearance of eyebags. Through enhancing the degradation of bilirubin, it contributes to reducing the vascular pigmentation that causes dark coloration under the eyes.


Dermis elasticity and strength are also enhanced as it boosts Type I collagen and elastin production while preserved functionality of matrix proteins from glycation damage contributes to firmer skin for an added anti-wrinkle effect.


The rejuvenating effect of EYEDELINE™ marine ingredient is supported by a series of clinical tests showing   great visible reduction of the eyebags volume already after 14 days of applying a cream with 4% active ingredient, and a 8,2% reduction after  28 days.


EYEDELINE™ marine ingredient is CFDA listed and has been obtained from the microorganism E. crustacean isolated in Playa Paraíso, a rocky beach in Tenerife Island.